Wednesday, July 15, 2009

waterpark fun

We went to the Howard Moore splash park in Arlington with Nana, Olivia, Aunt Sharon, G-ma & pa. Jack & Olivia had a blast & I think Trevor had a good time too. It was his first time in the pool. When he wasn't in the pool he chilled in his carseat next to G-pa with icepacks all around him to keep him cool. It was a great day!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

video clips

Not Jack's best ABC's but funny nonetheless...Jesus Loves Me-Poor kid got his mom's voice :)I was trying to get Trevor to giggle, but of course since I was recording he didn't. The video is kinda dark, but you can still see his sweet smile :) (3 months old)

4th of July

What a wonderful 4th we had this year! Mel, Josh & Tess came down for a weekend of family fun! They got inlate Thursday night. We hit the lake early Friday morning with all the kiddos. We thought we'd go early to miss some of the crowds. Jack had a blast! He loved the water this time & was ready to jump in and swim around. He did the tube with me & then again with Daddy & giggled the whole time. We even got it going pretty fast this time & he had a ball. Before we know it he will be out there riding it by himself. I took him & Tessa both out once, but she did not like it too much. I don't think she is quite ready for the lake yet. Trevor was a trooper & just hung out on the boat with Aunt Lissie (she is not a big lake person). The big boys had fun too just relaxing & enjoying the water! That evening we had a big family dinner at Nana's house. It was great getting everyone together. The boys played pool & us girls just talked & played with the kids. Saturday we played at the pool, ran some errands, Josh & Russ went to a movie, & then had a bbq at Nana's house that evening before going to the front of the neighborhood to watch the freworks. Jack LOVED the fireworks this year! He talked through the whole thing (as usual) giving a play by play of each one. I kinda felt bad for the people around us, but they seemed to think ie was who knows. Trevor enjoyed being held by everyone. It was a late night, but we had a good time. I am so glad Mel, Josh & Tess made the trip! It is always fun getting to see them!