Sunday, November 1, 2009


What a great Halloween!!! Jack, for the 1st time, REALLY enjoyed himself. He was running from house to house & was not scared of everything like he was last year. He wanted to get so much candy (even though he does not like candy) & did not want to share it. He has slept with his candy pail for every nap & nighttime. I squeezed (and I do mean squeezed) Trevor into Jack's lion costume that he wore his 1st Halloween. Trevor seemed to enjoy being outside & just rode around in the stroller taking it all in. I am including pics from this year & Jack's past Halloween's as well since I was not blogging at that point.
Jack's 2nd HalloweenJack's 1st Halloween

Jack entertaining usual

Jack loves attention & Trevor gives it to him.....sooo they make a great team!!! Jack is such a big helper when it comes to entertaining Trevor. Trevor cannot get enough of him & pretty much anything Jack does is funny in his eyes. I really do see them being the best of friends as they grow up! I know they are now! (Oct. 2009)

My matching boys :)

Where the Wild Things Are

Jack's favorite book is Where the Wild Things Are. He was so excited when Poppy & Nana invited him to go with them to see it in the theater!!! Ms. Coy joined them & he LOVED the show!!! Nana said he sat quietly through the whole thing & barely touched his snack (unlike him). He even cried when the monster was crying (sooo sweet). Anyway, he had a blast. It was his first real movie...I have taken him to some toddler showings at the theater, but this was the real thing...Thanks Nana & Poppy!