Sunday, October 18, 2009


Videos of Jack & Trevor in Sept. 2009 just being silly around the house.

Poppa's Visit

Poppa came to visit & we had so much fun. Jack & him played baseball in the backyard & played in the sandbox. Trevor enjoyed watching. Jack always looks forward to seeing him & Poppa usually brings him a present (which he also looks forward to)..Anyway, the first thing Jack asked him after saying Hi was what did you bring me? Poppa handed him an empty toilet paper roll (which he calls a de-doot-de-do) & said here...Jack immediately looked at him & said, "Poppa, that is not a present". It was so funny!!! Before, he would not have known the difference, but now he is growing up. Anyway, his real present was a bag of army men & they were a huge hit!

Nana's B-day

Jack was so excited to make a cake for Nana for her birthday! He did it mostly by himself & then we took it to her & he sang her Happy B-day! It was his first cake & chose to decorate it with dinosaurs because in his words, "They are Nana's favorite"!!! More like his favorite!

Jack & Trevor at 6 months

Jack is on the top & Trevor on the bottom.

Trevor went for his 6 month check up last week. He did so well with the shots this time! I was so thankful for that! He is such a big boy!!!! He is wearing size 18 month clothes at age 6 months!!! Crazy! He rolls over both ways, but sometimes gets stuck on his tummy & can't hoist all his weight back to his back. He is still working on sitting up...Dr Hampton said it would take him a little longer than it did Jack because he has so much more weight on him. He loves putting things in his mouth & sucks on his fingers (the ring & middle finger) just like I did as a kid. He babbles a lot & has started babbling dada. He is doing better with taking a bottle from others...that has been a work in progress. He definantly prefers to nurse. He is eating baby food now. I think his favorite is squash. He is still a great sleeper & has been healthy so far. I am somewhat paranoid about the swine flu that is going around. I am somewhat obsessed with hand washing these days! As far as stats from the appt.....Trevor weighed in at a hefty 19 pounds, 3 ounces. He was 27 1/2 inches long & his head circumference was 44.6 cm. He was in the 85% for it very well rounded....literally. Jack at 6 months was 17 pounds 5 ounces, 26 & 1/2 inches long & 43.5cm head circumference. Jack was in the 50% for all 3. So...Trevor is a bigger baby so far. My plan of having them in the same season is not working quite how I envisioned it because Trevor has not been able to wear many of Jack's clothes!!! Oh well. I am having fun buying them matching clothes.