Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tricycle time

Jack is desperatly wanting to learn how to ride a bike!!! Mommy & Daddy have tried with no luck...those darn pedals are just too tricky!!! Poppy has made it his mission to get jack riding! He has worked with him a few times, but this last week he borrowed him for a couple of hours & worked with him & said he did a great job...really making some progress!!! So, maybe after a couple more sessions with Poppy, Jack will be a real bike rider! I hope so!

5 month comparison shots

Jack at 5 months

Trevor at 5 months

Jack Trevor

Train ride

On Sept. 2 we decided to take the train from Arlinton to Dallas for G-ma's 78th b-day. So...Me & the boys, Nana, G-ma & G-pa, Sharon & Olivia all met at the train station & off we went. The ride over was great. The kids were quiet & enjoyed the scenery & just the idea that they were on a choo-choo. Once we got there, we walked around & had lunch at Chipolte (yummy). By that time we were worn out & ready to get back home for naps. We read the train scheule wrong & boarded the train 30 minutes the time it got going again the kids were wired & the adults were exhausted from trying our best to keep them somewhat calm. I'll just say I felt sorry for the people around us. It was a memorable I am glad is over....hehe...but looking back it was fun. All our family playdays are fun...sometimes frustrating...but fun. We have been able to make a lot of great memories & I am so thankful for that!!

San Antonio Trip I am way behind on this post...The boys & I made our first trip by ourselves to SA on August 17th. Suprisingly, it went well. On the way we made it all the way to Round Rock without stopping (3 hours). We had a planned stop there at Denise & Tommy's (My sis & bro in law) for them to see the boys & me to feed Trevor, etc... Well, that was quite a stop. Let's just say Jack was bouncing off the walls from no nap & Trevor was not in the best of moods...we got out of there in less than an hour & I am sure they were not sad to see us go :)...hehe. Tuesday we went to Sea World. Poppa snuck in on Russ' ticket using the old "band-aid on my finger" trick to get past the gates. Since Trevor was with us & it was super hot we mainly went to shaded shows & air condtioned exhibits. It was a good time though. Of course we had to go eat at fav. place ever!! Wednesday we hot CEC & ran around & just hung out. WE headed back home on Thursday & made it to Waco without stopping. We met A. Kathy & Christy's kiddos at McDonald's there for lunch & a little playtime. We had a great trip. The boys were & great & it was a lot of fun. I know we wore out we do every time, but he still loves having us there. Hoping to make another trip in October to see Sea World at Halloween.