Monday, December 14, 2009

Trevor's Rattle & Jack's Spanish

Trevor shaking his rattle & Jack counting to 10...well 9 in Spanish...this was taken in mid November...Jack can get to 10 now...but I think this video is cute!

Curious George Live

Jack got to go see Curious George Live with Nana & Poppy November 21st & he had a blast! It was a special day just for him & he was loving all the attention!!! He got to bring home a fun pennant that we hung in the playroom. It was all he could talk about for several days! Now that he is getting bigger he is getting to go with them by himself more often. Their "spot" as Jack calls it is The Oasis restaurant on the lake. They take him to eat there quite a bit & he just loves it!!!

San Antonio Trip

OK....So I am really far behind on my blogging....but better lare than never....We went to San Antonio in early November to get one last Sea World visit in before our passes ran out & to visit Poppa & Noni. I feel like we got our monies worth out of the passes...Poppa was even able to sneak in using Russ' pass with his finger band-aid trick twice. That was interesting. Anyway, Jack loves Sea World & he loves going wit Poppa to get breakfast tacos every morning. We went & road the train which is always a huge hit. It was Trev's first train ride & he really had fun! Of course he expected his present first thing when we got there.....he got an army truck & launcher & that was a big hit. Trevor was the perfect baby as usual & really enjoyed being outside at Sea World. We had a great trip.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


What a great Halloween!!! Jack, for the 1st time, REALLY enjoyed himself. He was running from house to house & was not scared of everything like he was last year. He wanted to get so much candy (even though he does not like candy) & did not want to share it. He has slept with his candy pail for every nap & nighttime. I squeezed (and I do mean squeezed) Trevor into Jack's lion costume that he wore his 1st Halloween. Trevor seemed to enjoy being outside & just rode around in the stroller taking it all in. I am including pics from this year & Jack's past Halloween's as well since I was not blogging at that point.
Jack's 2nd HalloweenJack's 1st Halloween

Jack entertaining usual

Jack loves attention & Trevor gives it to him.....sooo they make a great team!!! Jack is such a big helper when it comes to entertaining Trevor. Trevor cannot get enough of him & pretty much anything Jack does is funny in his eyes. I really do see them being the best of friends as they grow up! I know they are now! (Oct. 2009)

My matching boys :)

Where the Wild Things Are

Jack's favorite book is Where the Wild Things Are. He was so excited when Poppy & Nana invited him to go with them to see it in the theater!!! Ms. Coy joined them & he LOVED the show!!! Nana said he sat quietly through the whole thing & barely touched his snack (unlike him). He even cried when the monster was crying (sooo sweet). Anyway, he had a blast. It was his first real movie...I have taken him to some toddler showings at the theater, but this was the real thing...Thanks Nana & Poppy!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Videos of Jack & Trevor in Sept. 2009 just being silly around the house.

Poppa's Visit

Poppa came to visit & we had so much fun. Jack & him played baseball in the backyard & played in the sandbox. Trevor enjoyed watching. Jack always looks forward to seeing him & Poppa usually brings him a present (which he also looks forward to)..Anyway, the first thing Jack asked him after saying Hi was what did you bring me? Poppa handed him an empty toilet paper roll (which he calls a de-doot-de-do) & said here...Jack immediately looked at him & said, "Poppa, that is not a present". It was so funny!!! Before, he would not have known the difference, but now he is growing up. Anyway, his real present was a bag of army men & they were a huge hit!

Nana's B-day

Jack was so excited to make a cake for Nana for her birthday! He did it mostly by himself & then we took it to her & he sang her Happy B-day! It was his first cake & chose to decorate it with dinosaurs because in his words, "They are Nana's favorite"!!! More like his favorite!

Jack & Trevor at 6 months

Jack is on the top & Trevor on the bottom.

Trevor went for his 6 month check up last week. He did so well with the shots this time! I was so thankful for that! He is such a big boy!!!! He is wearing size 18 month clothes at age 6 months!!! Crazy! He rolls over both ways, but sometimes gets stuck on his tummy & can't hoist all his weight back to his back. He is still working on sitting up...Dr Hampton said it would take him a little longer than it did Jack because he has so much more weight on him. He loves putting things in his mouth & sucks on his fingers (the ring & middle finger) just like I did as a kid. He babbles a lot & has started babbling dada. He is doing better with taking a bottle from others...that has been a work in progress. He definantly prefers to nurse. He is eating baby food now. I think his favorite is squash. He is still a great sleeper & has been healthy so far. I am somewhat paranoid about the swine flu that is going around. I am somewhat obsessed with hand washing these days! As far as stats from the appt.....Trevor weighed in at a hefty 19 pounds, 3 ounces. He was 27 1/2 inches long & his head circumference was 44.6 cm. He was in the 85% for it very well rounded....literally. Jack at 6 months was 17 pounds 5 ounces, 26 & 1/2 inches long & 43.5cm head circumference. Jack was in the 50% for all 3. So...Trevor is a bigger baby so far. My plan of having them in the same season is not working quite how I envisioned it because Trevor has not been able to wear many of Jack's clothes!!! Oh well. I am having fun buying them matching clothes.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tricycle time

Jack is desperatly wanting to learn how to ride a bike!!! Mommy & Daddy have tried with no luck...those darn pedals are just too tricky!!! Poppy has made it his mission to get jack riding! He has worked with him a few times, but this last week he borrowed him for a couple of hours & worked with him & said he did a great job...really making some progress!!! So, maybe after a couple more sessions with Poppy, Jack will be a real bike rider! I hope so!

5 month comparison shots

Jack at 5 months

Trevor at 5 months

Jack Trevor

Train ride

On Sept. 2 we decided to take the train from Arlinton to Dallas for G-ma's 78th b-day. So...Me & the boys, Nana, G-ma & G-pa, Sharon & Olivia all met at the train station & off we went. The ride over was great. The kids were quiet & enjoyed the scenery & just the idea that they were on a choo-choo. Once we got there, we walked around & had lunch at Chipolte (yummy). By that time we were worn out & ready to get back home for naps. We read the train scheule wrong & boarded the train 30 minutes the time it got going again the kids were wired & the adults were exhausted from trying our best to keep them somewhat calm. I'll just say I felt sorry for the people around us. It was a memorable I am glad is over....hehe...but looking back it was fun. All our family playdays are fun...sometimes frustrating...but fun. We have been able to make a lot of great memories & I am so thankful for that!!

San Antonio Trip I am way behind on this post...The boys & I made our first trip by ourselves to SA on August 17th. Suprisingly, it went well. On the way we made it all the way to Round Rock without stopping (3 hours). We had a planned stop there at Denise & Tommy's (My sis & bro in law) for them to see the boys & me to feed Trevor, etc... Well, that was quite a stop. Let's just say Jack was bouncing off the walls from no nap & Trevor was not in the best of moods...we got out of there in less than an hour & I am sure they were not sad to see us go :)...hehe. Tuesday we went to Sea World. Poppa snuck in on Russ' ticket using the old "band-aid on my finger" trick to get past the gates. Since Trevor was with us & it was super hot we mainly went to shaded shows & air condtioned exhibits. It was a good time though. Of course we had to go eat at fav. place ever!! Wednesday we hot CEC & ran around & just hung out. WE headed back home on Thursday & made it to Waco without stopping. We met A. Kathy & Christy's kiddos at McDonald's there for lunch & a little playtime. We had a great trip. The boys were & great & it was a lot of fun. I know we wore out we do every time, but he still loves having us there. Hoping to make another trip in October to see Sea World at Halloween.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Clumsy Mommy

Well, a scary thing happened last Friday evening. I went up to get Trevor after his evening nap. Russ had just gotten home. Jack was at the bottom of the stairs talking to me about what he wanted for dinner. I was not paying attention to what I was doing....I always tell Jack not to get over confident on the stairs....Anyway, I was 3 stairs from the bottom & stepped on the edge of the step & my foot slipped & I landed on my tailbone on the edge of the stair & bumped down the last 2 stairs onto the wood floor.....all this while holding Trevor. I was in a lot of pain...but could not even think about that until I knew Trev was okay. Russ ran over & took him & he was fine...I could not really catch myself since I was holding him, but I did get my forearm down to break a little bit of my fall apparently...I had a big rug burn & bruise to prove it. I stayed in bed all day Saturday with ice packs on my lower back & tailbone....I am soooooo thankful that Trevor was okay & that I did not break anything. 9 days later I am still very sore when I lift anything, but feel like I am on the road to recovery.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Jack's first girlfriend

It looks like my little boy might turn out to be a ladies man :). He already has his 1st girlfriend. If you ask him who his girlfriend is he will tell you, "Bailey". She is a cute little girl in his MDO class & apparently she has been seeking him out for awhile. The teachers say she always wants to sit by him at chapel & story time & cries if she doesn't get to. They hold hands during chapel every day. They also do the see saw together all through recess time. I am a little worried I may have my hands full as he gets older.....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Trevor is 4 months

Today is Trevor's 4 month b-day! It has gone by soooo fast! He is such a good baby! He loves his Mommy, Daddy & big brother soo much! He is really paying attention to Jack now & giggles like crazy as Jack entertains him. I can still see the caution is his eye though when Jack gets rowdy...he still has that gear of being hit by a flying dino or monster. He enjoys grabbing my hair. He rarely leaves my arms without a handful of it. He is starting to drool...not sure if that means teeth are coming, or if it is just meaningless drool. Today at the doctor he weighed 15 pounds-13 ounces (75%), was 25 & 1/2 inches long (75%), and his head circumference was 41.8 (45%). They said he looked healthy & had met all the milestones a typical 4 month old should. As a comparison, at 4 months Jack was 14 pounds-14 ounces (45%), 25 inches long (55%), & his head was 42 (45%) in. around. So Trevor has Jack beat by 1 pound & 1/2 an inch. We will see how the battele continues as Trevor grows. I have a feeling he might be a little bigger boy than Jack??? So far so good with how Trev is handling his shots. I gave him Tylenol ahead of time this go round & he has been sleeping since we got home (3.5 hours & counting). I am keeping my fingers crossed he won't have a crying fit when he wakes boys don't seem to handle the after effects of shots very well. Hopefully we will break that trend today :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Videos I meant to post a couple weeks back...

This is Trevor at 3 &1/2 months...posting it a little late....

Jack can normally count to 20 easily...but I caught him skipping a few #'s this time & I thought it was too cute not to post.

Dinos with Poppa

Jack getting a kick out of Poppa playing dinos.


Since Jack was 20 months old he has been saying "FARSI" when he means to say "SORRY". "Farsi Mama" was a phrase commonly heard on a daily basis...until last week. He started saying was a sad day for me! My little boy is growing up. He proceeded to tell me, "look at me when I am talking to you"...that, I did not appreciate quite as much :). Trevor is getting big too! He will be 4 months old tomorrow. He is giggling up a storm & is now sitting in his exersauser & jumper. He is such a happy baby & very easy going. He is sleeping 10-12 hours at night now consistently (finally). I am not sure how he went from only sleeping 3 hours at a time to 12, but I'll take it. My goal each day is for Jack & Trevor to nap at the same time. It works out sometimes...but other times not so much. Today, just as I put Jack down & was walking down the stairs to go lay down, guess who woke up. WAAAAAAAAA!!!! Tomorrow is Trevor's 4 month appt & shots. I'll post his stats tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

waterpark fun

We went to the Howard Moore splash park in Arlington with Nana, Olivia, Aunt Sharon, G-ma & pa. Jack & Olivia had a blast & I think Trevor had a good time too. It was his first time in the pool. When he wasn't in the pool he chilled in his carseat next to G-pa with icepacks all around him to keep him cool. It was a great day!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

video clips

Not Jack's best ABC's but funny nonetheless...Jesus Loves Me-Poor kid got his mom's voice :)I was trying to get Trevor to giggle, but of course since I was recording he didn't. The video is kinda dark, but you can still see his sweet smile :) (3 months old)

4th of July

What a wonderful 4th we had this year! Mel, Josh & Tess came down for a weekend of family fun! They got inlate Thursday night. We hit the lake early Friday morning with all the kiddos. We thought we'd go early to miss some of the crowds. Jack had a blast! He loved the water this time & was ready to jump in and swim around. He did the tube with me & then again with Daddy & giggled the whole time. We even got it going pretty fast this time & he had a ball. Before we know it he will be out there riding it by himself. I took him & Tessa both out once, but she did not like it too much. I don't think she is quite ready for the lake yet. Trevor was a trooper & just hung out on the boat with Aunt Lissie (she is not a big lake person). The big boys had fun too just relaxing & enjoying the water! That evening we had a big family dinner at Nana's house. It was great getting everyone together. The boys played pool & us girls just talked & played with the kids. Saturday we played at the pool, ran some errands, Josh & Russ went to a movie, & then had a bbq at Nana's house that evening before going to the front of the neighborhood to watch the freworks. Jack LOVED the fireworks this year! He talked through the whole thing (as usual) giving a play by play of each one. I kinda felt bad for the people around us, but they seemed to think ie was who knows. Trevor enjoyed being held by everyone. It was a late night, but we had a good time. I am so glad Mel, Josh & Tess made the trip! It is always fun getting to see them!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sea World Vacation

We took our first family vacation this past weekend. We decided to go to San Antonio & take Jack to Sea World. It worked out great because Poppa & Noni were able to watch Trevor for us while we went. It was waaaay to hot to take him. Did I mention it was hot??? We went 2 days in a row & we had such a great time. Jack loved Sea World. He really enjoyed seeing the sharks & Shamu the very best. We took him to a 4-D Pirate movie in the park & he was very excited about that (he loves pirates) until an on screen spider looked like it was coming right at him (because of the glasses). It scared him to death & he cried & cried so we had to leave (along with a bunch of other crying toddlers). I am really glad we took him. I think he was the perfect age & I know he had a blast. It has been all he has talked about since then. Poppa took him for breakfast tacos each morning we were there & he woofed them down. I think Poppa enjoyed showing him off. On Sunday we went to the mall & to the flea market. Noni & Poppa bought Jack a toy for being so well behaved (they were spoinling him). It was a 5 pack of super hero action figures. They were a hit. They roared at each other the whole way home (very loudly in my ear). His favorite of the heros is the Hulk. He asked Daddy tonight as he was working out if he was turning into the Hulk. It was really cute. Anyway, we left Monday morning & headed to San Angelo to see Granny (Russ' mom). She had not met Trevor yet, so we were excited to introduce them. We went to a park & ate lunch & Jack played & we visited. It was nice. The boys were great in the car. We had such a fun time just being together. I am excited that this is the first of many family vacations! We are already starting to talk about where we will go next.

In the video, Jack is pointing to a big bear walking around...I did not realize that until after I shot this clip.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

What a great Father's day weekend we had! I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful father myself & I feel even more fortunate that my boy's have such a wonderful Daddy! We had so much fun hanging out together. We took Russ for a steak dinner last night & spent the day shopping & hanging out. Today we went to church & Daddy & Jack went to the pool & then we all went to the park this evening. It was perfect! I just want to say thanks to Russ for being such a great Daddy & such a loving husband! We are so lucky to have him!!! Today was a little bittersweet though. On days like today we really remember James, Russ' dad. What a loving, kind man he was. It is heartbreaking to me that our boys will never get to know him. He would have adored them. We will keep his memory alive!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Heading to church. I love the picture of the boys! Jack loves his little brother sooo much!!! I hope it always stays that way!

We took the boys out on the lake with Nana & Poppy on Saturday. It was Trevor's 2nd boat ride (he slept through it). Jack has been to the lake when Nana had her lake house several times, but he did not really remember that. So...this was really his first time swimming in the lake & riding the tube. He was scared getting in the water & held on tightly to daddy! He cried getting on the tube but Poppy went slowly & I think he ended up having fun...even though he was not ready to admit it. In a couple months he will be a pro!