Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sea World Vacation

We took our first family vacation this past weekend. We decided to go to San Antonio & take Jack to Sea World. It worked out great because Poppa & Noni were able to watch Trevor for us while we went. It was waaaay to hot to take him. Did I mention it was hot??? We went 2 days in a row & we had such a great time. Jack loved Sea World. He really enjoyed seeing the sharks & Shamu the very best. We took him to a 4-D Pirate movie in the park & he was very excited about that (he loves pirates) until an on screen spider looked like it was coming right at him (because of the glasses). It scared him to death & he cried & cried so we had to leave (along with a bunch of other crying toddlers). I am really glad we took him. I think he was the perfect age & I know he had a blast. It has been all he has talked about since then. Poppa took him for breakfast tacos each morning we were there & he woofed them down. I think Poppa enjoyed showing him off. On Sunday we went to the mall & to the flea market. Noni & Poppa bought Jack a toy for being so well behaved (they were spoinling him). It was a 5 pack of super hero action figures. They were a hit. They roared at each other the whole way home (very loudly in my ear). His favorite of the heros is the Hulk. He asked Daddy tonight as he was working out if he was turning into the Hulk. It was really cute. Anyway, we left Monday morning & headed to San Angelo to see Granny (Russ' mom). She had not met Trevor yet, so we were excited to introduce them. We went to a park & ate lunch & Jack played & we visited. It was nice. The boys were great in the car. We had such a fun time just being together. I am excited that this is the first of many family vacations! We are already starting to talk about where we will go next.

In the video, Jack is pointing to a big bear walking around...I did not realize that until after I shot this clip.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

What a great Father's day weekend we had! I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful father myself & I feel even more fortunate that my boy's have such a wonderful Daddy! We had so much fun hanging out together. We took Russ for a steak dinner last night & spent the day shopping & hanging out. Today we went to church & Daddy & Jack went to the pool & then we all went to the park this evening. It was perfect! I just want to say thanks to Russ for being such a great Daddy & such a loving husband! We are so lucky to have him!!! Today was a little bittersweet though. On days like today we really remember James, Russ' dad. What a loving, kind man he was. It is heartbreaking to me that our boys will never get to know him. He would have adored them. We will keep his memory alive!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Heading to church. I love the picture of the boys! Jack loves his little brother sooo much!!! I hope it always stays that way!

We took the boys out on the lake with Nana & Poppy on Saturday. It was Trevor's 2nd boat ride (he slept through it). Jack has been to the lake when Nana had her lake house several times, but he did not really remember that. So...this was really his first time swimming in the lake & riding the tube. He was scared getting in the water & held on tightly to daddy! He cried getting on the tube but Poppy went slowly & I think he ended up having fun...even though he was not ready to admit it. In a couple months he will be a pro!

Trevor had surgery to repair a hernia on June 10, 2009. A night in the hospital & $1000 later, he is good as new. He did great! The surgery only took about 30 minutes but we were in recovery for a long time because it took him awhile to wake up. He was on IV fluids & did not really want to eat until much later that night. I spent the night in the hospial with him & it was a LONG night!!! The vital monitors they had for him were too big & kept slipping off & causing the alarms to sound. That poor night shift nurse earned her money! We went home the next day & I was sooo happy to climb in my own bed! Trevor did not need any pain meds & seems to be doing wonderfully! We were hoping that the surgery would calm his desire to be held all the time...no such luck. I guess we will just have to work on that. :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Jack's 3 year well check

It is hard to believe my baby is 3!!! He was such a big boy at the doctor today. He even held Trevor's hand as they poked him. "It's ok Trebor" (he calls him Trebor). It was very cute. Doc said both boys looked great & healthy. Jack was 38 in tall & weighed 34 pounds. He got his blood pressure taken for the 1st time today. "I do not like dat" was his response. It was a good 68/44. I was very proud of him. He did not have to get any shots today...that was a relief!!!

Trevor's 2 month well check

I took Trevor today for his 2 month well check. He was 12 pounds (50%), 23 inches long (50%), & had a head circumference of 38.8 in. (25%). I looked back at Jack's stats to compare. Jack was 9 pounds 14 oz., 22 inches long & had a head circumference of 39 in. So, it looks like Trevor has Jack beat so far in size. Poor baby ended up getting 4 shots today (doc said we should go ahead & get them even tho surgery is next week) . He did not care for that! Once we got home he cried like crazy for an hour & a half. There was nothing I could do to make him feel better. Eventually he wore himself out (and the Tylenol kicked in) and he fell asleep. I remember Jack having a hard time with immunizations as well. Glad it os over. Now we just have to get through his surgery Wednesday. oh...and one more note...Trevor is now smiling regularly when he sees mommy :).

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tulsa Trip

We just got back from our trip to Tulsa. Nana, Jack, Trevor & I hopped in the car & made the 4 & 1/2 hour drive on Monday. The boys did great & the trip went by pretty quickly. Jack was so excited to see Tessa & asked us at least 12 times on the way up there where we were going...just to make sure it was still "to see Tessa". They had the best time playing & were so cute together! I am so glad they enjoy each other & hope they continue to as they get older. Trevor was spoiled rotten being held the whole time (I am paying for that now). We spent time at the park & the pool & went to Incredible Pizza...that was an interesting experience. Tessa had a major meltdown that we will all laugh at one day. She was really putting on a show for us! Tomorrow morning we have our well-checks for both boys...3 year check up for Jack & 2 month check up for Trev. Jack does not have to get any shots this year (lucky him) & Trevor escapes his for a couple more weeks....he can't get them until after his hernia surgery on June 10 (we got it moved up 9 days because it was getting bigger). Anyway, I will update the stats on the boys tomorrow after I get them.