Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Halloween!!! Jack dressed up as Hulk early in the day & then got too hot in his costume so he changed into this Star Wars guy....Trev was a pumpkin. At 7 months pregnant I somehow managed to walk at least 2 miles woth of houses & the boys got tons of candy. Fun was had by all. Noni & Poppa came down & trick or treated with us for awhile & we finished off the night trick or treating with Nana & Poppy. It was a great night.

Halloween weekend (with Poppa's help)the boys & Daddy spread compost in the yard to thicken up the grass. The boys had a blast "helping".

It has been FOREVER!!!!

Oh goodness...where to begin. It is hard to believe my last post was in March. I am going to try to start up again & keep it going this time. Okay...well A LOT has happened since my last post. !st of all, my baby turned 1!!!! So hard to believe! That first year went by so quickly. Trevor was still not walking at that point. In fact he had just started crawling. I won't lie, I was a little concerned about that, but the doc said he was just a BIG boy & he would start when he was ready. We had a family party for Trevor & he was not too sure about the icing on the cake. It stuck to his hands & he SCREAMED. It was super cute. I will have to add in a pic later because we got a new computer shortly after that so all of my pics before May are not on this computer.

The next big even in our household was Jack turning 4. In true Jack style we had a big birthday bash with about 30 of his little friends. Jack LOVES big birthday parties & LOVES to be around as many friends as possible. He had a Spider Man themed party this year in our backyard. he had a blast & got some really fun presents.

Early June we got a BIG surprise....I found out I was pregnant. I was a few weeks late & starting to not feel well so I took a test & sure enough, it came up positive. This was 5 days before we were set to leave for our 10 year Anniversary trip to the Bahamas. Needless to say it put a damper on our trip. Russ & I were both very shocked (and that is putting it mildly). We thought we were done with our 2 rays of sunshine & had not planned on being a family of 5.....but now (7 months later) I can say that we are very excited about the arrival of our baby boy. We both know that there is no such thing as an accident & though we may not understand the reasons sometimes, God always knows what he is doing. Besides what could be better than having one more person in the world who can make you happier & bring you more joy than you ever thought possible? I can't think of anything :).

So, as we were dealing with the whole "what, we're pregnant?????" ordeal, we took off on a kid free trip to the Bahamas. Neither of us were really in the mood to go on the trip at that time, but it was paid for with no refunds, so we didn't have much choice. I was nauseous the whole trip & was unable to have that margarita I had been wanting for the last 2 years (I had been pregnant & nursing Trevor so unable to drink). We did manage to have some fun though & I think it was good for us to get away from it all for a few days. Happy Anniversary Honey :).

Summer came & went...Trevor started walking at 15 months...something I thought would never happen...but it did & he is all over the place now. He is talking up a storm & saying so many words. He seems like he is a very bright child. He loves everything that Jack loves....Superheroes & legos are big in our house right now. Jack & Trevor both go to school 2 days a week now. They LOVE it & it has been so good for them! I am tutoring at the local Elementary school while they are there & I LOVE it! It gives me some ME time & it brings in a little extra money too, which is always nice. Jack is the best big brother ever! Trevor & him are inseparable & they get a long sooo well. They love to wrestle & play chase & Jack is so patient about letting Trevor play with him & about showing him how to do things. I am a very proud momma! Both boys are sweethearts. I get more hugs in a day than I can count. The boys love their Daddy too. They love for him to throw them on the bed & hang them upside down. We have a lot of fun.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Trevor's crawling!!!

Finally at 11 months Trevor is crawling!!! YAY Trev!!!! March 8 first thing when he got out of bed he dropped a ball & crawled to get it :)

Dallas Record Snowfall

In February Dallas had a record was AWESOME! We got 12.5 inches at our house. We had a ball!!!! Jack played & played until he was soaking wet & then we'd go in, get changed into dry clothes & go get sloppy again. The snow fell for 2 days straight & stuck for a few days after that. It was fun while it lasted!

Back Trouble

I feel I need to post this since it has had so much to do with Trev's "babyhood"...I hurt my back falling down the stairs in August (holding Trev)...worst thing ever to happen to me so far (and hopefully ever :)) Apparently after having no symptoms for a couple of months my body decided to fall apart...I guess from the wear of carrying around a heavy baby. Anyway, left side went numb in Nov. Saw a chiropractor who has helped a lot. I have had bouts of pain here & there when I over do it. Pretty much I have to not lift Trevor whenever possible. My head feel tingly all the is such a nightmare. I am so ready for this to be done with but I don't know how I can heal toting around such a big baby. Oh well...just taking it a day at a time.

9 months

So I have not posted in forever so I need to catch up quickly...At 9 months Trevor weighed 21.5 llbs (60%...although I find it hard to believe he was only in the 60%....that may have been a mistake on the nurses part), 29 inches (90%). Jack at 9 months was 19.5 pounds & 27.5 Trevor still has him beat in the size dept. No crawling yet...just lots of eating :). He has 2 bottom teeth coming through & is a well tempered baby..but he does like attention & will let you know he wants it by making lound noises. If you are near him thoug, he is happy as can be. I will include a pic of Jack at 9 months & Trev at 9 months for comparison...Jack is on top & Trev on bottom.