Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dinosaur Party

Well, the dinosaur party was a hit! I think all the kiddos had a good time & I know Jack did! We had 2 big pools for the kids to play in and a bounce house. The party was from 10-12. It started to get pretty hot toward the end, but we all survived. Jack got a lot of fun presents & he is on cloud 9 playing with them all. It was really the end of the party as the kids were leaving I went to start handing out party favors (big plastic dinosaurs) & they were not on the table where they had been. Turns out Jack hid them all during the party so he could keep them. That little stinker! Luckily I found them & was able to give them out. Trevor was perfect during the party. He was held the whole time by Memaw, so he was as happy as he could be. We leave tomorrow for Aunt Lissie's house. We are looking forward to it...Tess & Josh are sick, so I am going to try to shield little Trev from the germs. It will be fun!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Jack turns 3!!

Tomorrow is Jack's 3rd b-day. It is so hard to believe he is 3 already! He is full of energy & so much fun. He is a great sleeper. He takes a 3 hour nap every day (at least) and sleeps 12 hours at night. How did I get so lucky? He has a very outgoing personality & loves to talk (like his mommy). He has enjoyed having his Poppa here this week visiting. We have been running around a lot getting ready for his Dinosaur party tomorrow. He is also looking forward to going to visit Tessa next week with Nana. Fun times! I will post more after the party tomorrow.
Favorite things:
food-mcdonalds chicken nuggets & "french fries too"
word- NO!
place to go-chuck e cheese
thing to do- play with friends
toy-anything dinosaur related
movies-toy story, dinosaur, veggie tales pirate movie
You are very hyper when you get tired
You take 3 hour naps (at least) every day
You go to bed at 9pm & wake up between 8 & 9am (great sleeper)
You hate getting in trouble! Sometimes all I have to do is give you "the look" & you break out in tears.
You love to be the center of attention!
You talk non stop (like your mommy)
You are starting to show us that you have a temper at times (we thank daddy for that)

Trev's 7th week

I had to take Trev to the pediatric surgeon on Tuesday for a consultation. After a 2.5 hour (I am not exagerating) wait we finally saw the doc for about 2 minutes & got his surgery scheduled (to repair a hernia) on June 19. Even though they say this is a very common procedure, I still hate the thought of my 8 week old baby being put under anestesia. He is smiling more & more every day & that is fun to see. He likes to be held & will let you know when he is unhappy. He makes the cutest little lamb sound a lot...baaaah. We are still up quite a bit at night...I am ready for him to turn into a good sleeper, but we are not even close right now.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Trevor James

Trevor James Dennis. Born April 5, 2009. You have a special name. Your middle name is after your Grandad. He passed away of leukemia last year & was such a wonderful man. He would have loved to meet you. I know he is watching over you and us from heaven. Your birth was not an easy one for me. I was in labor for 20 LONG hours & my epidural wore off at the end, so I felt everything! All I have to say is: YOU OWE ME BIG TIME :). It was not much fun, but you are well worth it. You have been such a laid back baby so far. You are 7 weeks old tomorrow & rarely cry other than when you are hungry. You really like to be held & open your eyes wide as can be any time Jack comes around. I think he makes you nervous...getting hit in the head by dinosaurs will do that. You are a big eater. You were 6 pounds 14 ounces when you were born & by 6 weeks you were already 10 pounds 14 ounces. As you grew out of your newborn clothes & diapers, I cried. Knowing that you may be my last makes every milestone very special. We moved you up to your own bed at 5 weeks old. You are such a grunter that it made it hard for mommy & daddy to get any sleep. You always end up in our bed by 5ish though becuase I get tired of going upstairs to get you every 2 hours when you are hungry. You are just starting to smile...not on a regular basis yet, but every now and then. We are so excited that you are here now & I am cherishing every day while you boys are little!

Jackson Taylor

I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday! May 30, 2006. You weighed 6 pounds, 4 ounces. These past 3 years have passed so quickly! Since you just recently had a new baby brother, I wanted to post your baby picture. You two look so much alike! You were not real sure what to think of him when you met him for the 1st time. You were very clingy to me & sat by my side in the hospital bed the whole day. I will never forget that special time. You have adjusted so well since we have been home & have become quite the helper. You love to go get me diapers & entertain Trevor when he starts to cry. You are a great big brother & I know you two will become the best of friends as you get older. As I think back on your last 3 years, I am reminded of so many wonderful memories. You were such a happy baby. You always had a smile on your face. You made us laugh all the time...still do. You LOVE people & want to be the center of attention. You are great at making friends. Everywhere you go you have all the other boys & girls following you. From 1-2 you were in love with Elmo. Everything was Elmo!! Now your obsession is dinosaurs. You roar every chance you get. You are full of energy & at times wear me out, but you are such a sweet little boy & very loving. I never thought I would want to be a mom to boys, but you totally changed my mind. You have been such a blessing to me!!