Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Trevor's crawling!!!

Finally at 11 months Trevor is crawling!!! YAY Trev!!!! March 8 first thing when he got out of bed he dropped a ball & crawled to get it :)

Dallas Record Snowfall

In February Dallas had a record snowfall..it was AWESOME! We got 12.5 inches at our house. We had a ball!!!! Jack played & played until he was soaking wet & then we'd go in, get changed into dry clothes & go get sloppy again. The snow fell for 2 days straight & stuck for a few days after that. It was fun while it lasted!

Back Trouble

I feel I need to post this since it has had so much to do with Trev's "babyhood"...I hurt my back falling down the stairs in August (holding Trev)...worst thing ever to happen to me so far (and hopefully ever :)) Apparently after having no symptoms for a couple of months my body decided to fall apart...I guess from the wear of carrying around a heavy baby. Anyway, left side went numb in Nov. Saw a chiropractor who has helped a lot. I have had bouts of pain here & there when I over do it. Pretty much I have to not lift Trevor whenever possible. My head feel tingly all the time...it is such a nightmare. I am so ready for this to be done with but I don't know how I can heal toting around such a big baby. Oh well...just taking it a day at a time.

9 months

So I have not posted in forever so I need to catch up quickly...At 9 months Trevor weighed 21.5 llbs (60%...although I find it hard to believe he was only in the 60%....that may have been a mistake on the nurses part), 29 inches (90%). Jack at 9 months was 19.5 pounds & 27.5 inches...so Trevor still has him beat in the size dept. No crawling yet...just lots of eating :). He has 2 bottom teeth coming through & is a well tempered baby..but he does like attention & will let you know he wants it by making lound noises. If you are near him thoug, he is happy as can be. I will include a pic of Jack at 9 months & Trev at 9 months for comparison...Jack is on top & Trev on bottom.