Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jack & Trevor at 6 months

Jack is on the top & Trevor on the bottom.

Trevor went for his 6 month check up last week. He did so well with the shots this time! I was so thankful for that! He is such a big boy!!!! He is wearing size 18 month clothes at age 6 months!!! Crazy! He rolls over both ways, but sometimes gets stuck on his tummy & can't hoist all his weight back to his back. He is still working on sitting up...Dr Hampton said it would take him a little longer than it did Jack because he has so much more weight on him. He loves putting things in his mouth & sucks on his fingers (the ring & middle finger) just like I did as a kid. He babbles a lot & has started babbling dada. He is doing better with taking a bottle from others...that has been a work in progress. He definantly prefers to nurse. He is eating baby food now. I think his favorite is squash. He is still a great sleeper & has been healthy so far. I am somewhat paranoid about the swine flu that is going around. I am somewhat obsessed with hand washing these days! As far as stats from the appt.....Trevor weighed in at a hefty 19 pounds, 3 ounces. He was 27 1/2 inches long & his head circumference was 44.6 cm. He was in the 85% for it very well rounded....literally. Jack at 6 months was 17 pounds 5 ounces, 26 & 1/2 inches long & 43.5cm head circumference. Jack was in the 50% for all 3. So...Trevor is a bigger baby so far. My plan of having them in the same season is not working quite how I envisioned it because Trevor has not been able to wear many of Jack's clothes!!! Oh well. I am having fun buying them matching clothes.

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