Sunday, September 6, 2009

Train ride

On Sept. 2 we decided to take the train from Arlinton to Dallas for G-ma's 78th b-day. So...Me & the boys, Nana, G-ma & G-pa, Sharon & Olivia all met at the train station & off we went. The ride over was great. The kids were quiet & enjoyed the scenery & just the idea that they were on a choo-choo. Once we got there, we walked around & had lunch at Chipolte (yummy). By that time we were worn out & ready to get back home for naps. We read the train scheule wrong & boarded the train 30 minutes the time it got going again the kids were wired & the adults were exhausted from trying our best to keep them somewhat calm. I'll just say I felt sorry for the people around us. It was a memorable I am glad is over....hehe...but looking back it was fun. All our family playdays are fun...sometimes frustrating...but fun. We have been able to make a lot of great memories & I am so thankful for that!!

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