Tuesday, March 9, 2010

9 months

So I have not posted in forever so I need to catch up quickly...At 9 months Trevor weighed 21.5 llbs (60%...although I find it hard to believe he was only in the 60%....that may have been a mistake on the nurses part), 29 inches (90%). Jack at 9 months was 19.5 pounds & 27.5 inches...so Trevor still has him beat in the size dept. No crawling yet...just lots of eating :). He has 2 bottom teeth coming through & is a well tempered baby..but he does like attention & will let you know he wants it by making lound noises. If you are near him thoug, he is happy as can be. I will include a pic of Jack at 9 months & Trev at 9 months for comparison...Jack is on top & Trev on bottom.

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