Saturday, May 23, 2009

Trevor James

Trevor James Dennis. Born April 5, 2009. You have a special name. Your middle name is after your Grandad. He passed away of leukemia last year & was such a wonderful man. He would have loved to meet you. I know he is watching over you and us from heaven. Your birth was not an easy one for me. I was in labor for 20 LONG hours & my epidural wore off at the end, so I felt everything! All I have to say is: YOU OWE ME BIG TIME :). It was not much fun, but you are well worth it. You have been such a laid back baby so far. You are 7 weeks old tomorrow & rarely cry other than when you are hungry. You really like to be held & open your eyes wide as can be any time Jack comes around. I think he makes you nervous...getting hit in the head by dinosaurs will do that. You are a big eater. You were 6 pounds 14 ounces when you were born & by 6 weeks you were already 10 pounds 14 ounces. As you grew out of your newborn clothes & diapers, I cried. Knowing that you may be my last makes every milestone very special. We moved you up to your own bed at 5 weeks old. You are such a grunter that it made it hard for mommy & daddy to get any sleep. You always end up in our bed by 5ish though becuase I get tired of going upstairs to get you every 2 hours when you are hungry. You are just starting to smile...not on a regular basis yet, but every now and then. We are so excited that you are here now & I am cherishing every day while you boys are little!

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