Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dinosaur Party

Well, the dinosaur party was a hit! I think all the kiddos had a good time & I know Jack did! We had 2 big pools for the kids to play in and a bounce house. The party was from 10-12. It started to get pretty hot toward the end, but we all survived. Jack got a lot of fun presents & he is on cloud 9 playing with them all. It was really the end of the party as the kids were leaving I went to start handing out party favors (big plastic dinosaurs) & they were not on the table where they had been. Turns out Jack hid them all during the party so he could keep them. That little stinker! Luckily I found them & was able to give them out. Trevor was perfect during the party. He was held the whole time by Memaw, so he was as happy as he could be. We leave tomorrow for Aunt Lissie's house. We are looking forward to it...Tess & Josh are sick, so I am going to try to shield little Trev from the germs. It will be fun!!!

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