Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tulsa Trip

We just got back from our trip to Tulsa. Nana, Jack, Trevor & I hopped in the car & made the 4 & 1/2 hour drive on Monday. The boys did great & the trip went by pretty quickly. Jack was so excited to see Tessa & asked us at least 12 times on the way up there where we were going...just to make sure it was still "to see Tessa". They had the best time playing & were so cute together! I am so glad they enjoy each other & hope they continue to as they get older. Trevor was spoiled rotten being held the whole time (I am paying for that now). We spent time at the park & the pool & went to Incredible Pizza...that was an interesting experience. Tessa had a major meltdown that we will all laugh at one day. She was really putting on a show for us! Tomorrow morning we have our well-checks for both boys...3 year check up for Jack & 2 month check up for Trev. Jack does not have to get any shots this year (lucky him) & Trevor escapes his for a couple more weeks....he can't get them until after his hernia surgery on June 10 (we got it moved up 9 days because it was getting bigger). Anyway, I will update the stats on the boys tomorrow after I get them.

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