Sunday, August 23, 2009

Clumsy Mommy

Well, a scary thing happened last Friday evening. I went up to get Trevor after his evening nap. Russ had just gotten home. Jack was at the bottom of the stairs talking to me about what he wanted for dinner. I was not paying attention to what I was doing....I always tell Jack not to get over confident on the stairs....Anyway, I was 3 stairs from the bottom & stepped on the edge of the step & my foot slipped & I landed on my tailbone on the edge of the stair & bumped down the last 2 stairs onto the wood floor.....all this while holding Trevor. I was in a lot of pain...but could not even think about that until I knew Trev was okay. Russ ran over & took him & he was fine...I could not really catch myself since I was holding him, but I did get my forearm down to break a little bit of my fall apparently...I had a big rug burn & bruise to prove it. I stayed in bed all day Saturday with ice packs on my lower back & tailbone....I am soooooo thankful that Trevor was okay & that I did not break anything. 9 days later I am still very sore when I lift anything, but feel like I am on the road to recovery.

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