Friday, June 5, 2009

Trevor's 2 month well check

I took Trevor today for his 2 month well check. He was 12 pounds (50%), 23 inches long (50%), & had a head circumference of 38.8 in. (25%). I looked back at Jack's stats to compare. Jack was 9 pounds 14 oz., 22 inches long & had a head circumference of 39 in. So, it looks like Trevor has Jack beat so far in size. Poor baby ended up getting 4 shots today (doc said we should go ahead & get them even tho surgery is next week) . He did not care for that! Once we got home he cried like crazy for an hour & a half. There was nothing I could do to make him feel better. Eventually he wore himself out (and the Tylenol kicked in) and he fell asleep. I remember Jack having a hard time with immunizations as well. Glad it os over. Now we just have to get through his surgery Wednesday. oh...and one more note...Trevor is now smiling regularly when he sees mommy :).

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  1. Lissy misses Trevor! So does Tessa...she got out the boppy from her closet this morning and started saying was cute:)