Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sea World Vacation

We took our first family vacation this past weekend. We decided to go to San Antonio & take Jack to Sea World. It worked out great because Poppa & Noni were able to watch Trevor for us while we went. It was waaaay to hot to take him. Did I mention it was hot??? We went 2 days in a row & we had such a great time. Jack loved Sea World. He really enjoyed seeing the sharks & Shamu the very best. We took him to a 4-D Pirate movie in the park & he was very excited about that (he loves pirates) until an on screen spider looked like it was coming right at him (because of the glasses). It scared him to death & he cried & cried so we had to leave (along with a bunch of other crying toddlers). I am really glad we took him. I think he was the perfect age & I know he had a blast. It has been all he has talked about since then. Poppa took him for breakfast tacos each morning we were there & he woofed them down. I think Poppa enjoyed showing him off. On Sunday we went to the mall & to the flea market. Noni & Poppa bought Jack a toy for being so well behaved (they were spoinling him). It was a 5 pack of super hero action figures. They were a hit. They roared at each other the whole way home (very loudly in my ear). His favorite of the heros is the Hulk. He asked Daddy tonight as he was working out if he was turning into the Hulk. It was really cute. Anyway, we left Monday morning & headed to San Angelo to see Granny (Russ' mom). She had not met Trevor yet, so we were excited to introduce them. We went to a park & ate lunch & Jack played & we visited. It was nice. The boys were great in the car. We had such a fun time just being together. I am excited that this is the first of many family vacations! We are already starting to talk about where we will go next.

In the video, Jack is pointing to a big bear walking around...I did not realize that until after I shot this clip.

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