Friday, June 5, 2009

Jack's 3 year well check

It is hard to believe my baby is 3!!! He was such a big boy at the doctor today. He even held Trevor's hand as they poked him. "It's ok Trebor" (he calls him Trebor). It was very cute. Doc said both boys looked great & healthy. Jack was 38 in tall & weighed 34 pounds. He got his blood pressure taken for the 1st time today. "I do not like dat" was his response. It was a good 68/44. I was very proud of him. He did not have to get any shots today...that was a relief!!!


  1. We miss Jack too...Tessa came in after school Thursday and looked in all of the rooms trying to find him. Poor girl loves her cousin!

  2. Hi Stacy!!!! I saw your blog address on facebook and came to check it out!!! I blog too about the kiddos.

    Your boys are just precious!!! Hope your summer has had a great start!!